Sunday, November 7, 2010

Epcot food and wine festival review

As part of our Annual Passes to Epcot we were able to go to this years 15th Anniversary Food and Wine festival.

Around the world showcase you can stop at different countries (not just the ones that are normally there) and taste foods and wine from around the world.  Here are some things we tried and our experience:

Argentina: Roasted corn and cheese empanada
This was one of our favorites and also the first thing we tried. A little spicy and great flavor!

Mexico: Tamal de Pollo
We were not to impressed with this tamale.  I didnt care for the sauce or sour cream drizzled over it, and I have had many many better tamale from FT. Worth Texas!

China: Pork pot stickers
I would have really enjoyed these if they had not been covered in a ginger viniger sauce.  My husband really liked them.

Germany: Sausage in a pretzel roll
I loved this, any thing is good with a pretzel!
also: Apfel Strudel
One of my husbands favorites.  very very tasty!

Morocco: Beef in a pita pocket
neither one of us cared for this much

Charcuterie & Cheese: (near Canada) Cheese fondue with croutons and roasted potatoes
The best thing about this were the odd potatoes that looked like little cooked olives. I loved the fondue but they only gave me like 4 croutons and 5 potatoes.  I had a lot of fondue left.

New Zealand: Lamb slider with tomato chutney
My husband thought this was pretty good besides the chutney.  I hated it and only took one bite.

Canada: Canadian cheddar cheese soup.
Best food of the night! we loved this soup but also felt they didn't give us enough for $4. I read that they serve this regularly in their restaurant in Canada (Le Cellar)

Over all good experience.  If you have any questions or are going soon, message me and I would love to talk more about our experience. Also they have concerts every night and the night we went Boys II Men were there. It brought back great memories and good times!

Second Night we went with Shari, John, Jason and Me and Daniel:

Greece: Spanakopita
Daniel ate this. It was a spinach and cheese pocket. It was good but very spinachy.

Belgium: Freshly baked waffles with berry compote and whipped cream.
everyone had this except Daniel.  It was very good. Jason even ate the compote!

Hot chocolate:  Shari and Daniel stopped to get this and both really enjoyed it.  It is an everyday epcot drink.

United States: Bison Chili with wild mushrooms.
Daniel really loved this.  I don't like chili and wasn't in the mood to try it, but if you are a chili fan then go for it.

Italy: Baked cheese ravioli with bolognese sauce and melted mozzarella.
This was very cheesy! No marinara with all cheese as the sauce. A very interesting ravioli.

Singapore: Shrimp Cake with Singapore noodle salad.
I liked this to try but I wouldn't order it again.  The noodle salad has a red pepper taste to it and is cold.  The shrimp cake is like eating one large shrimp on a stick.

Poland: Golabki (pork stuffed cabbage)
Daniel had this. It was just ok, but very soggy.

Desserts & Champagne: Strawberry Angel Verrine.
This was the best thing all night.  A very tasty rendition of strawberry shortcake.
Pear Streusel Pudding Cake: This sounds really good, but reminded me of something I would get at the buffet.
Dark Chocolate Sensation: Worst of the night.  Tasted like a hard mini chocolate cupcake.

We went back to Canada for the cheddar soup and Argentina for the Empanada.

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  1. My only regret..we should have stopped at the Charcuterie & Cheese booth again when we got back around the lake.