Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fast Gourmet cake

Need: Pillsbury "moist supreme" Devils food Box cake
Duncan Hines "amazing glazes" chocolate
few eggs
vegetable oil

Follow the box instructions and bake batter in a bunt pan.  Before you put the batter in the pan grease the bunt pan with shortening or something comparable. After the cake is baked let the cake cool in the bunt pan for 15-20 min. When cooled flip your pan with the cake in it onto your serving plate.  Cake should come smoothly out onto the plate.

Fill the middle hole with strawberries and and with a toothpick place strawberries around the top of the cake.

Heat your gaze in the microwave in 40 sec intervals.  when melted drizzle over your cake and strawberries and serve. Enjoy!

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