Monday, December 27, 2010

Nine Dragons, China

 For Christmas we decided to have dinner at Epcot.  We decided this a little late in the game and the only restaurant that was available to make reservations a few weeks in advance was Nine Dragons, China's restaurant. (That should have told us something right there) I was expecting something traditional yet eclectic, similar to P.F. Changs.  Instead we received mediocre food and service with a classy price!

Here is what we ordered:
Amber ordered: Water, wonton soup, sweet and sour pork w/ spinach noodles, strawberry and red bean ice cream.
Daniel ordered: Diet Coke, hot and sour soup, kung pao chicken
Bill totaling = $60
Shari ordered:Diet Coke, Wonton Soup,  The Fried Rice Platter
The only thing unique about any of these orders were the spinach noodles, which were surprisingly good to me, seeing how I despise spinach. Otherwise we could have eaten this at the local buffet down the street.
wonton soup

Fried Rice Platter

Sweet and sour pork w/spinach noodles

Kung Pao Chicken

Over all we were a little disappointed and I was left craving a pastry from France in the end.
On the bright side, every night in the month of December Epcot has The Candlelight Procession.  It was absolutely wonderful!!

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