Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Eat Here" Anna Maria Island

Thats right, the name of the restaurant is "Eat Here"
Website: http://www.eathere-ami.com/
The owners of the number one zaggat rated restaurant IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA  (The Beach Bistro) decided to create a new bistro that is more affordable but still has the same quality as their starship resturaunt.
Located in Homles Beach on Anna Maria Island, this place became a jem to my husband and I while we were on our anniversary trip.  We ate there two nights in a row because we could not get enough!

The first night I had the: “better–than–any–frenchman’s” onion soup
caramelized sweet onions in stock with hints of sherry and cognac. crowned with emmental 
This was one of the best onion soups I have had, and I am very picky about my soup.  I picked it because of the interesting and abnormal ingredients and I am so glad I did! 

Daniel started with:
tempura’d beets
“lightly battered, but not beaten”.  with chevre and crème fraiche.  
“because Sean’s grandmother would roll over in her grave.”

He enjoyed them but they are definitely created to be shared. 

We shared the: Fried Ribs with thai bbq sauce.  I have a feeling this is not always on the menu because I could not find it on the website.  They were very tasty! 

The second night I had: the chefs special, a crusted snapper with corn casserole.  I never go wrong with fresh fish! 
Daniel had: 
gator’s gulf coast grouper cakes
with crawfish, dusted with japanese panko, sautéed, kissed key lime butter, and finished 
with mango beurre blanc 
 He enjoyed these very much!

The menu is printed daily and handed to you on a clip board. I love this because I know that means every thing is fresh!  From the outside you would just think that it is a mom and pop joint like any other, but when you go inside everything is high class.  Your waiter greets you with a chilled bottle of water, the table is adorned with pristine glass and a fresh sunflower and in the background plays classic jazz with dim ambient lighting. 
If you are going to Anna Maria this is a must visit restaurant!

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  1. OOoh this sounds lovely! I'm stayin in these Anna Maria Island rentals soon so maybe i'll take a visit!