Friday, March 25, 2011

Tutto Italia, Italy Epcot

I was looking forward to eating in Italy more than most of the places in Epcot this year.  Two of my friends and I went to Tutto Italia for dinner service and this was our experience:
Upon arrival we waited in a line out front to inform the hostess we had a reservation, only to be told we must go inside if you have already made reservations.  (That would have been helpful to know before we waited in a line.) Our service was not very friendly but extremely fast.  To some people that can be a good thing but I kind of felt like our food might have been pre-prepared and just waiting on someone to order it in the back.
When you sit down you receive an arrangement of different types of bread in a basket and an assortment of olives on the side to enjoy as your pre-appetizer. By the end of the night we had gone through 3 baskets of bread!! That means that each of us had a basket of bread for ourselves!
This is what we ordered :
Me: Cannelloni al Forno - baked with spinach, ricotta, bechamel and parmesan cheese
    I thought that the dish was good and the cheese was wonderful but that it was almost too much cheese.  I longed for a little red sauce to be mixed in because everything tasted so rich.  

my friends both had: Farfalle - bowtie pasta, Italian prosciutto ham, peas, parmesan cream
   They both loved their dish and had nothing but good things to say about it.  

Over all we had a nice experience and would go again. 

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