Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion, Restaurant review

This is a very unique restaurant! We have been there twice and cant wait to go back.  The style is Hawaiian fusion.  They have plenty of sushi and seafood but also have something for everyone!  We went to the location in Tampa but they have restaurants all over the states.  If you ever receive gift cards for Outback, Carrabba's or bonefish...they also work at Roy's.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Lobster Pot stickers
Spicy Togarashi Miso Butter Sauce
(This dish you will never get enough of, I promise! )
Toasted Garlic Calamari
Thai Basil, Fresh Mint, Serrano Chile, Citrus Nam Pla
(Everyone has had crunchy calamari before but what is amazing about this dish is the chili sauce on the side for dipping!)
Roy’s Original Blackened Island Ahi
Spicy Soy Mustard Butter Sauce
(my husband had this Tuna and said it was the best fish he has ever had!)
Wagyu Beef Sliders
caramelized onions, chipotle aioli and garlic sweet potato fries.  
(you have to go to happy hour to get this and it is only $5! A great version of mini Kobe beef burgers)

Upon arrival you receive stemmed edemame as a free appetizer.  If you are allergic to soy you can have bread upon request.  If you go between 4:30Pm and 6:30 pm and sit in the bar area it is Aloha Hour.  All specialty drinks and all appetizers are $5!  Friday nights are very busy, so if this is your plan, come early.  If you sit in the dining room it can be a bit more pricy. Average appetizers are $12 and Meals are $30. 
Over all this is one of my new favorite restaurants and I hope you try it!


  1. I would like to try them, but my gift card would stretch out more if I use them at Carraba's or Outback. How's their sushi?

  2. I don't eat sushi but Daniel tried it when we went to Aloha Hour one time and loved it!