Monday, September 5, 2011

Brie Rolls

I love brie cheese and all wrapped up in a little roll and fried makes it that more delicious!

You will need:
brie cheese
wonton wrappers
vegetable oil
1 egg
marinara sauce for dipping

Cut the brie into small pieces, make sure you do not use the rim or outside. (it is not tasty)
place small piece of cheese on wonton wrapper.
1.   Fold one corner over the cheese and tuck the edge under it. Fold the 2 sides in on top of the cheese, pinching the wrapper off at the ends.  Dip your fingers in the egg and seal off the ends, then roll the rest of the way and seal of that end with egg as well. While preparing these, have your oil warmed up on Medium heat.  Test your oil before you fry by tearing a piece of wonton wrapper and frying it.  If it browns or burns to quickly (less than 30 seconds) then turn down your heat.  When your oil is ready fry your brie rolls for about 1-2 min. (don't over cook!) and flipping them while you cook them.  Have your marinara sauce warmed up and ready to serve.  Serve immediately.Enjoy!


  1. Mmmm... sounds delish, Amber! I will try that one day!

  2. they are soooo good and very worth the effort!