Sunday, October 23, 2011

Restaurant review: The Jerk Hut

The Jerk Hut in Tampa

We went here on our last date night because we has a gift certificate we had bought from  (If you don't know about , go to their site and give your e-mail address, they will notify you when you can buy $25 gift certificates for $2 to many different restaurants. You usually have to spend $35 to use it but you are saving a lot of money.)

We had the best time. It is a little far but It was so worth it.  We started out with the "patties" which I would call empanadas, but that is not the Jamaican term.  They are each $2 and soooooo tasty!  We also really enjoyed the Jerk chicken.  I will get this again when I go back.  The food is very inexpensive and they have a great variety of food and beverage.  The atmosphere is very lively and unexpected from the look on the outside.  Go check it out!

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