Monday, January 28, 2013

Cafe Zuppina Restaurant Review

Cafe Zuppina
4417 S Florida AveLakelandFL 33813

This is my favorite Lakeland restaurant. I love to support small, family owned businesses and this perfect little European cafe captured my heart at first bite. I have been eating here for several years now and have never been disappointed with my food or experience. They do have limited seating and on a busy lunch hour you may have to wait a little bit for a table, but I promise if you ever do have to wait, it will be worth it. On a sunny Florida day you can eat out on the back patio as well. 

Open from 11am-8pm Monday thru Friday, this Turkish restaurant has something for everyone's taste buds.  The well prepared entrees are reasonably priced for their quality and quantity. A few of my favorites are the feta rolls that come as an appetizer, the chicken kabobs (pictured below) and the homemade baklava. I hear from friends of mine that the veggie platter is also very tasty and they make a delicious strawberry salad with a chocolate dressing made in-house..  

The one thing that I can never get over is how wonderful the brussels sprouts are! As most know, I hate all things green, but when I tried these usually disgusting veggies, I swooned.  I feel like Cafe Zuppina helped me open my horizons for trying new and out of the box dishes.  Since I have discovered these most delicious veggies I am no longer afraid of trying other "scary-at-first-glance" side dishes. 

Cafe Zuppina also offers cooking classes on Monday and Wednesday nights.  I have yet to join one of these classes, but when I find time, I am determined to learn how to make their brussels sprouts! All in all I think you will be very delighted with your experience here. If you have been and found something that you really enjoyed, please share! I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. I love their grape leaves! I'd never tried them before, but was instantly hooked!