Sunday, February 10, 2013

Restaurant Review: Coral Reef at Epcot

 On the right side future world, just a little past "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" hides this little restaurant.  The Coral Reef is an enchanting place to sit down for a meal supplying an aquatic atmosphere of live fish swimming right next to your table. It is recommended that you make a reservation for dinner  as well as check out their menu and you can do so at this link:

 We dined here with a group of friends and enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food! I preface the remainder of my post by reminding you that this blog is about me (a very picky, or shall I say finicky eater) trying new things that I would not normally try, and telling you about them in hopes that other picky eaters like myself will have more courage to introduce new cuisine to their pallets. 

Each table comes with fresh and hot homemade rolls served with butter and a pamphlet about the aquarium. Did you know that the whole ride "Mission Space" could fit inside this aquarium? 

What I ordered: For an appetizer I was feeling brave enough to try the Creamy Lobster Soup made with tarragon and brandy. 
Creamy Lobster Soup

I can honestly say I would not order this again.  While I am sure that it would be great for some, I  can not handle a fishy tasting soup. The lobster was fresh, but this soup just was not for me. My friend on the other hand loved it! I am glad I tried this lobster soup so I know for future reference what I really do like and don't like. 

For my entree I ordered the Seared Rainbow Trout. 
Seared Rainbow Trout
This was originally suppose to come with a warm salad of white beans, arugula and tomatoes. I asked for rice instead. (Don't judge...This was still new to me and I deserve points for trying that fish soup!)
The sauce that you see in the picture is made of balsamic vinegar and brown butter, which was out of my box from the start because I really do hate vinegar. I truly loved the fish but was not a big fan of the vinegar sauce. 

My husband ordered the Grilled New York Strip Steak.
Grilled New York Strip Steak
Warning if you order any beef: he ordered his steak medium rare and it came out cooked medium. He still found the steak delicious and also enjoyed the potato medley for his side dish. 

Our friends that accompanied us ordered the Coral Reef Lobster Orcchiette Pasta with white cheddar cheese and basil oil. They both agreed that it was fabulous and would order it again.  I tried a little of it and again do not think pasta and fish should be together in one dish. I love lobster and I love pasta (more than you know) but I can not handle them together. This pasta dish does come highly recommended by more normal, less picky eaters. 

All in all we enjoyed our time here at Coral Reef and would come again.  

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