Monday, August 2, 2010

Epcot Restaurant Review:
Les Chefs de France

So we recently bought annual passes to Disney World's Epcot and it is our goal this year to eat at every country.  I will be blogging our experiences, and this last Saturday we ate at our first stop: Les Chefs de France.  This is one of 2 restaurants they have in France. The other is "Bistro de Paris" which is upstairs above the restaurant we choose.

I decided to order the 3 corse meal:
French Onion Soup
Macaroni and cheese made with Cream and Gruyere cheese
Creme brulee

My husband Daniel ordered:
The imported cheese plate
the Duck

We made reservations and everything went very smoothly but the restaurant was very crowded.  Our appetizers came out in a timely manner but everything went down hill from there. The french onion soup was wonderful but Daniel's cheese plate left something to desire. French baguettes come free at each table and you can have as much as you want. They sat us in an all window room and we soon found ourselves very over heated.  Our waiter was sweating and our service (after our appetizers) was very slow. We waited over an hour for our main dish to arrive, by the time it did my husband had an awful headache from the heat and both of us had no desire to even eat anymore. The portions I will add were very generous. Anyone could share a meal here. I am unsure my Macaroni plate was tasty or not.  I ate a few bites but was to miserable to even try and eat anymore.  My desert arrived 2 hours after we had initially arrived. I ate 1/4 of it and decided it was not worth it.  Daniel did not eat his meal at all but brought it home to eat later.  He said the duck was good but a bit orangey.
Overall I had wished we had chose the more private restaurant upstairs or that it hadn't been so hot that day.  Our overall ticket price was: $103 not including tip. If I were to return I would just order the French onion soup. It was plenty of food to make a meal.

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