Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect Salad with fruit

This is the first salad I have actually enjoyed! It's mind over matter picky eaters. Did you know that it takes trying something you don't normally eat or like 7 times before you start to like it? Don't turn your nose up unless you have tried eating a salad in the last few months more than once!

Romaine lettuce blend (I like it pre-packaged so I don't have to cut anything)
5 strawberries
5 slices of red apple
bukey ball matrix from:  or:
honey roasted peanuts (but not as healthy)

wash lettuce and strawberries.  In bowl leave lettuce kind of still wet (we aren't using salad dressing, trust me you don't need it!) Slice strawberries into 1/3s. Slice apple slices into bits. Add to lettuce and top with Bukey ball matrix.


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