Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Green Goodness Product Review

For those who know me, you know I hate all things green.  I have really been struggling with this lately.  I want to like them (green veggies that hold all that goodness) but I truly hate them.  I was lurking in the produce section one day trying to convince myself to buy more veggies when I stumbled upon this gem.

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness

It holds the nutrition of 3 3/4 serving of fruits and veggies in one bottle. Upon looking at this I was scared.  It is VERY green.  I took a leap of faith and brought it home hoping for the best, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Green Goodness tastes quite a bit like green apples (which I can tolerate) and not at all like spinach that is mixed in with it.  My husband Daniel tried this as well and enjoyed it!  In fact, I came home yesterday with 2 more bottles from the grocery store and he stole one! I am happy to share my clean eating with him. ; )

Each bottle varies in price but averages around $2.50-$3 if you buy it in the small serving size.  They do come in bigger bottles like orange juice but I prefer the "on the go" usefulness of this size.  If you are looking to add a little green to your diet I would highly recommend Green Goodness!


  1. Hey Amber, it's Janean! I love Green Machine from Naked Juice and Odwalla, which is similar to this. For some reason, this one has a hint of a lake water taste to me lol. But this one is still awesome too despite the scary appearance!

  2. I love Bolthouse too. But we always buy the Mango flavor.

  3. Janean, I will have to try those! Joanne, I haven't tried the mango yet!!! Yum!